Body Pain

I had an injury and with physical therapy, what would have normally taken me down for 2-3 weeks was resolved in just one week. Much gratitude! -Kevin A.

Physical therapy for my shoulder and hip have really improved my quality of life and gives me a lot more freedom to perform my everyday tasks. -George D.

So far these adjustments and exercises have been of great help to handling my lower back problem. I feel the body getting stronger and going back to what it was before my injury. Thank you very much for all your help. I’m very happy with the progress made. -John C.

This was amazing! Immediately after the first adjustment, I started breathing without pain! I should be here before as I was having the problem 4 days ago – and the pain was gone after the first adjustment! Today, I visited Dr. Sterling again for a follow up and I’m already feeling better. Like magic! Thanks …

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Really appreciate the empathy and understanding ALMOST as much as the incredible skill Dr. Sterling Petersen has.  I have seen many, many chiropractors in many decades. I can honestly say for all of the above reasons – he is the best I have had – no exaggeration. -Kimberly M.

I am very happy with my results from Dr. Sterling’s adjustments. I’ve had chronic neck pain from 11 years of dental assisting which he handled in 4 adjustments. I also had trouble with acid reflux from a hiatal hernia. After 2 hiatal hernia adjustments the acid reflux that was burning my throat for the past …

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Thank you Dr. Petersen! I have come in the last 3 times in a state of pain and left the power turned back on and I’m ready to go. Immediate relief. Thanks again! – Alex C.

Elite Dancer Cured of Chronic Pain An elite dancer finally experiences a cure after years of unsuccessful treatment for a herniated disc. Despite seeing a slew of doctors she continued to suffer and often was unable to get out of bed due to pain.  Her team of doctors at Root Cause restored her to the …

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Neck pain, back and foot pain, along with insomnia, all resolved Sarah L shares her success with resolving a long list of complaints that she had suffered with for years. Initially Sarah’s husband came to the clinic for digestive problems and experienced great success. Sarah wasn’t sure her problems could be helped but decided it …

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“The Physical therapy and Chiropractic visits helped ease my back and neck pain enabling longer hours at work with no stress at all. Root Cause Medical Clinic also gave me an extremely successful Reconstructive Therapy program. I had hurt my shoulder and Dr. Carrie cured the injury completely with Reconstructive Therapy. Drs. Vikki Petersen, Rick …

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