Root Cause Medical Clinic Solves a Patient’s Digestive Problems Marciela C.’s eagerness and determination to get healthier led her to Root Cause Medical Clinic. She committed to doing our health program and found one key discovery that paved the way to regaining her health. Watch the video to know what it is. Call for a …

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Patient at Root Cause Medical Clinic has gone through our program and improved in many areas of his health – including leaky gut. Listen to his story about changing his diet, getting educated on what Root Cause Medicine is and how his life has improved.

“I came to Root Cause Medical Clinic through a referral by a friend. I knew I had poor eating habits, I was experiencing very low energy, bloating, weight gain, and headaches. I didn’t truly believe that a change in my diet would change my life but it definitely has! In just 1 month I lost …

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“Before starting treatment at Root Cause Medical Clinic, I had bad eczema, digestive problems with severe stomach pain, a weak immune system, lots of food allergies, high histamine (these cause you to break out in hives) issues, and the MTHFR gene mutation, which increases your risk for a variety of degenerative diseases. After undergoing care, I …

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