Hiatal Hernia

Healing Hiatal Hernia Syndrome Floyd T. has struggled with finding the root cause of his painful symptoms. He feels he’s finally on the right track at Root Cause Medical. Through his Physical Therapy and changing his diet, he’s seeing a big improvement day to day. Listen to hear his story!  

“I came to Root Cause. I was in an exercise class and I nearly passed out. I wasn’t able to eat. I was vomiting almost nightly and aspirating. I have a large hiatal hernia. I suffer from Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, which made it miserable to eat. When I ate, I was just bloated and uncomfortable. …

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“I can’t say enough good things about Root Cause! Everything that you need to accomplish all of your wellness goals is under one roof, whether it’s chiropractic, physical therapy, nutrition or functional medicine, etc. All of the doctors and staff are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, and genuinely interested in seeing their patients heal. I came …

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“I’m writing my story in the hope it will help others! A couple of years ago I started developing uncomfortable symptoms after eating. I would have shortness of breath and slight chest pain and pressure. I got it checked out by my traditional medical doctor and he concluded it was just acid reflux. After taking …

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