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What are “Bioidentical” Hormones?

“Bio” means life, “identical” means exactly the same. Bioidentical hormones are substances that are exactly the same as what your own body produces and can be used to rebalance and restore a body whose hormonal levels have diminished.

The bioidentical aspect of these substances is a very important distinction. The delicate balance of hormones in the male and female body is something that, in our current drug and chemical-laden environment, is being disrupted radically, causing a number of avoidable symptoms. The doctors of Root Cause Medical specialize in balancing hormones in all age groups.

Why Bioidentical vs Synthetic Hormones?

Mother Nature is brilliant and has created a human body that is a machine of unparalleled function and sophistication. Hormones are delicate and powerful. When synthetic hormones are used in an attempt to “copy” nature, unfortunate side effects have occurred. Side effects of synthetic hormones include: mood swings, irritability, depression, weight gain, fibrocystic breasts, loss of libido, hair loss and increased risk of cancer.

Too often patients have come to the bioidentical doctors in Saratoga wishing to find an alternative to the intolerable side effects associated with the synthetic hormones they have been prescribed. The synthetic product may have helped one symptom but all too often it created others in its place.

Why do I Need Bioidentical Hormones?

Menopause and infertility in women are two common conditions that cause women to seek out hormone replacement and rebalance. But in fact, men and women of all ages can be affected by hormonal disruption that negatively affects their day to day enjoyment of life.

Common symptoms responding well to bioidentical hormones:

  • menopause and peri-menopausal syndrome
  • osteoporosis (this can affect men as well as women)
  • migraine headaches related to the menstrual cycle
  • PMS
  • infertility
  • miscarriage
  • PCOS
  • pre-term delivery (premature baby)
  • postpartum depression
  • premature ovarian failure
  • endometriosis
  • fibroids
  • erectile dysfunction (ED)

What are the benefits of working with bioidentical hormones?

  • better energy
  • deeper sleep
  • weight loss
  • feeling of well-being
  • stronger bones
  • sharper mental acuity
  • improved fat to muscle ratio
  • increased libido

Is Hormonal Imbalance Becoming More Common?

It is true that hormonal imbalance is more common than it’s ever been. Our youth are going through puberty at a younger age, and infertility, erectile dysfunction and disabling menopausal symptoms are affecting greater and greater numbers, not to mention brain fog, mood swings, depression and anxiety.

Our doctors specialize in Root Cause Medicine. We find out why symptoms are present and treat the problem from that root cause level. In a perfect world, the human body is designed to make normal, balanced levels of hormones throughout our lives. Why then do we encounter so many difficulties? In our society, a source of hormonal imbalance lays in the use of synthetic birth control pills, hysterectomy and vasectomy surgeries.

Another source of hormonal imbalance occurs exogenously, meaning synthetic hormones we encounter externally from our environment. Specifically xenoestrogens (“zeno-estrogens”) are powerful synthetic varieties of estrogen that we are exposed to from dairy products, meats, pesticides, plastic, and a great number of other substances that are pervasive in our environment. These “foreign estrogens” are broken down in the human body to a toxic form of the hormone that has been found to increases risk of cancer, fibroids, endometriosis and infertility. If you’ve heard of a chemical being found to be an “endocrine disruptor” this is what is being referred to.

Does Everyone Need Hormones?

Definitely not. The body is designed to make its own hormones throughout our lifetime. But when normal hormonal levels or balance is not being achieved, continuing to live with miserable symptoms is not an answer either.

Everyone deserves to feel good and enjoy life. Hormonal balance is integral to mental and physical well-being. Losing hormonal balance is quite disrupting. When the dangers associated  with synthetic hormones were exposed, many women felt that they had no option but to suffer with their symptoms. That is not the case. We have been utilizing natural hormones for over a decade with great success. And we don’t just prescribe them to our patients; we and our families use them personally.

What Makes our Bioidentical Hormone Treatment Different?

The use of true bioidentical hormones is key when balancing hormones naturally. In addition, the delivery system, source of ingredients, proper laboratory testing and extensive medical evaluation must all come into play.

Delivery System

The doctors utilize a delivery system for the bioidentical hormones that mimics exactly what the body does when it produces hormones. When our organs produce hormones, they deliver them to their destination via the bloodstream. It is a direct route and the hormones do not take a detour through the liver or the digestive system. We bring this to your attention because many prescribed hormones utilize an oral or skin delivery system. This is not a direct route and it results in the loss of hormone potency while putting an unnecessary burden on the liver and digestive systems that needs to process the hormones.  Due to the variation in skin thickness and fat content, topical creams have unpredictable absorption. Even a sublingual delivery system, while better, is not ideal because some of the product will be swallowed and again result in the liver and digestive system performing extra work while losing hormone potency.

It’s called a buccal delivery system. “Buccal” refers to the area between your cheek and gum inside the upper area of your mouth. It’s an ideal location due to the thin skin and rich blood supply that provides the hormones direct access into the bloodstream.

A “troche” (French word – pronounced “trOsh” or “trO-key”) is a small lozenge that is placed between your upper gum and cheek and dissolves slowly over the course of about thirty minutes. Troches have been around for centuries and have regained popularity as an ideal method of delivering hormones to the body.

Hormones produced by our body last for about 12 hours. In order to mimic that process, the troche dosage is every 12 hours as well. This provides the body with the same stable levels of hormones that would be produced naturally.

Source of Ingredients

Our doctors use a compounding pharmacy with two decades of experience. They utilize only the highest quality pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and every prescription is made by a pharmacist, not a technician. Because the hormones used are not commercially manufactured at set dosages, we, as doctors can prescribe a tailor-made formula that suits each individual patient.

You are not “one size fits all” and neither are your hormonal needs, yet commercially available hormones are limited as regards dosage. Through our compounding pharmacy, formulas can be customized to the needs of each individual.

Laboratory Testing

One cannot “guess” at hormone levels. Proper blood tests done at the correct time of the month (for women) is critical in order to accurately determine hormonal levels. Taking a blood test at the wrong time of the month could give one incorrect data as regards female, pre-menopausal hormone levels. Unfortunately, this mistake is often made by doctors who don’t specialize in bioidentical hormones.

Medical Examination

A complete and thorough medical exam including an extensive history is performed on all patients. There can be many causes for hormonally-based symptoms and we specialize in root cause medicine because it allows us to determine why such symptoms are occurring.

Hormonal problems can occur secondarily to other issues and if those are left unidentified, the hormonal symptoms won’t resolve. We treat the body as a whole and address all the systems that could be contributing to the hormonal imbalance.

Are Hormones Safe?

Factually, the answer is yes and no. If you’ve heard some negative things about taking hormones, understand that the hormones being described were synthetic hormones. And yes, there have been definite negative side effects associated with them and we agree they are not safe, nor recommended for anyone.

However, the use of correct dosages of bioidentical hormones, the same molecule that the human body produces, is safe and evidence supports this. Using a compound that is identical to what Mother Nature created in order to balance your hormone levels is very different from utilizing man-made compounds with known dangerous side effects.

Millions of people, both men and women, have enjoyed the positive impact created through proper bioidentical hormone replacement. If you are wondering if you are a good candidate based on your symptoms, or if you are currently utilizing a method of hormone replacement that concerns you based on its potential side effects, please contact us for a FREE consultation – call 408-733-0400. We are here to help!


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