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Aspen Coles

Treatment Coordinator

  • Background

    Aspen graduated with a Certificate in Vocational Nursing from Carrington College, where her interest in helping patients lead healthier lives began. She is enjoying being on the administrative side of clinical practice now. 

    Aspen was born and raised in San Jose. She has three kids - two girls and a boy. Before Root Cause, she was working for an Internal/Family Medicine office with PAMF as an admin for four years. Her favorite thing to do for work is help people. She has always been soul driven to care for others and medicine is one of her passions.

  • Hobbies

    Aspen's hobbies include arts and crafts with her kids, spending time with family, cooking, wine tasting, and being active in a multitude of ways.

  • Favorite Quote

    Do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are.

    - Harold S. Kushner

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