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The doctors of Root Cause Medical Clinic are affiliated with the Doctors’ Speakers Network, a not for profit group that arranges Health and Wellness Lectures for corporations throughout Silicon Valley.

Our doctors donate their time on a weekly basis to educate the community about Root Cause Medicine through a variety of topics including:

Stress Management from the Inside Out – A holistic approach to combat stress and fatigue

Free & Clear From Allergies – 5 strategies to eliminate allergies naturally

Pain Free Living – Say goodbye to headaches, neck and back pain

Diabetes: Don’t Sugar Coat It – How to prevent and manage diabetes

Living Healthy in a Toxic World – Key steps to naturally detox from within

Discover the Fountain of Youth – Natural anti-aging strategies and secrets

Healthy Gut, Healthy You – Discover why the secret to health is in digestion

5 Keys to Permanent Weight Loss – The skinny on permanent weight loss

The Ultimate Heart Tune-Up – A breakthrough guide to prevent and reverse heart disease

Unlock the Key to a Good Night’s Sleep – How to wake up feeling refreshed and energized for the day

Strengthen Your Core – Improve posture, enhance performance and prevent injuries

Say Hello to a Better Body – 5 keys to care for and fuel a health body

The Gluten Myth – The surprising truth about gluten and how it impacts your health

Studies show that regular health education to employees helps reduce healthcare costs and reduces absenteeism, two key desirable outcomes for corporate wellness programs.

Call the Doctors’ Speakers Network at 408-733-1654  or email [email protected] to find out if your company or group is eligible for our FREE workshops.

What Human Resource Professionals say about our Health and Wellness Lectures

On behalf of Adobe Systems and BaySport, I’d like to commend the Doctors’ Speakers Network for their outstanding service in health education and lectures they’ve provided here at Adobe over the recent years. Their expertise has consistently been well received by the Adobe clientele and has reflected with positive feedback. Thank you kindly for the exceptional service!        
– T.S., Adobe


It was a pleasure to have you as guest speakers at Sony’s Health and Wellness Seminar. Your presentation on Nutrition and Exercise was well received by employees. The audience was absolutely glued to everything you said, as evidenced by the many questions presented to you. Everyone who attended commented on how interesting and informational your talk was. You offered many helpful suggestions and insights on how they can remain healthy by proper diet and exercise. The handouts were of great use to them as well. I feel that the seminar was both an educational and informational experience. Your knowledge and expertise on this subject was a great asset to Sony employees. Again, thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to speak to us. I hope to have you return for a future seminar.
– P.M., Sony


On behalf of TimeOut Service Inc. and Cisco Systems, I would like to thank you for the Allergy seminar that was conducted here at Cisco Systems’ San Jose site. The number of participants and their feedback was extremely positive. We appreciate your enthusiasm and professionalism. Your time and knowledge is what makes these programs a success. Again, thank you and we look forward to working with you in the future.
– V.K., Cisco Systems


What Attendees Say:


One day at work I attended a brown bag seminar on Weight Control by Dr Vikki Petersen. During Dr Vikki’s lecture, I realized that I had many of the symptoms she described. I found the subject fascinating. When Dr Vikki offered a free consultation, I took advantage and signed up…. I would recommend Root Cause Medical Clinic to anyone who is interested in improving their health. Looking back, I was probably heading towards diabetes. I’m thankful to Dr’s Rick and Vikki Petersen for their dedication, guidance and support in helping me. It wasn’t easy at first, but now I feel like a new person.
– C.P.


I was having trouble losing weight. I would eat unconsciously anything and everything, especially sugar. I would crave sugar products as well. I suspected I may have food allergies of some sort but there were no outward physical manifestations to confirm this. I attended a health seminar at work given by Dr Petersen. As he talked about optimal health he was hitting on some of the things that I was thinking about, like trouble with losing weight.  I scheduled the free consultation that was offered at the seminar. The staff performed an assessment of where I was at. First was to determine whether I had any food allergies. The test came back and I found out what I was allergic to…
– C.C.


The Anti Aging, Stress and Fatigue and Women’s Health lectures that Dr Vikki Petersen delivered were extremely informative. I have attended four of her seminars and have learned a better understanding of disease prevention and what it takes to achieve a healthy body. I feel her classes should be mandatory for all human beings. Everything she covers is in-depth and useful. I would recommend her talks to everyone!
– K.D.


Our doctors have brought Health and Wellness Lectures to many different companies in Silicon Valley. Below is a partial list:


Adobe Curves NEC
ADP Cisco Netgear
Altera Ditech Netscreen
AOL Netscape Finisar Omnicell
Ariba Genus Pinnacle Systems
Atheros Good Technology Rambus
Avnet Hitachi Data Sys Ricoh
Azul HP Samsung
Baysport Fitness Interwoven Sun
Bea Juniper Networks Symantec
Borders Books Lifescan TiVo
Cadence LinkedIn Varian
Cepheid Marvell Verisign
Chordiant Maxtor Whole Foods
Cisco Systems MIPS Technologies Xilinx
Comerica Nasa Yahoo



What does the Doctors’ Speakers Network do?
The Doctors’ Speakers Network educate the community on various health topics with up to date information on how best to treat and prevent many of the common health problems plaguing Americans.

What are the speakers qualifications?
The doctors are all licensed professionals who are trained public speakers and are actively practicing in the local community in their area of expertise. Some of our speakers are also authors and radio personalities.

How long has the network been in business?
The Doctors’ Speakers Network has been in business for over 20 years.

What’s different about your lectures?
For starters our speakers are all doctors, trained public speakers and currently active in their own practices. They are entertaining as well as being educational. Further, the data in the lecture is all cutting edge, up-to-date and gives one a preventive approach to healthier living.

What is the cost for the service?
The service is free to eligible companies and groups.

Why don’t you charge for your services?
The doctors who created the Doctors’ Speakers Network did so in order to educate the community. The purpose was to provide employers a valuable educational service to their employees at no cost to the employer.

Are there requirements that a company needs to meet to be eligible?
A company needs to meet the minimum requirement of 20 employees attending the lecture in addition to providing their employees with a PPO type of insurance. If the company only provides their employees with an HMO or EPO option or if the majority of the employees choose this option, the company would not be eligible for the services the Doctors’ Speakers Network offers.

How do I schedule a lecture with you?
Call us at (408) 733-1654, or email us at: [email protected].

How much notice do I need to schedule a lecture?
The minimum lead time is one week but 10+days is optimal in order to publicize the lecture to your employees.

How many lectures can I schedule per year?
Depending on the size of your company, we can schedule 1 lecture per quarter.

How should I decide what topic to choose for my employees?
We have many topics to choose from. Some HRs choose topics based on health concerns they’ve heard from their employees. Another good way is to do a brief survey with your employees via email and Doctors’ Speakers Network can tally the results to let you know the topic three topics chosen. For a list of lectures and their outlines click on the Lectures icon at top of page.

How do I know if my employees liked the lecture? Can I survey them at the event?
The Doctors’ Speakers Network provides a survey that all employees are asked to complete at the end of the lecture. The employee may leave their name or not at their discretion. Copies of this survey will be provided to the HR such that they can see the feedback from their employees.

Other than delivering the speaker, what other services to you provide?
The Doctors’ Speakers Network provides handouts to the employees such that they have take-home information to study after the presentation. Doctors’ Speakers Network can also provide a light lunch if needed.

Do attendees receive any handouts?
Yes, each attendee receives a booklet of handouts.

Why don’t I just stick with my insurance company and the speakers they provide?
The speakers from the Doctors’ Speakers Network are doctors active in practice as well as trained public speakers so they provide an entertaining and educational experience. Further, the data they provide is cutting edge as well as being preventive. Many speakers from insurance companies are not doctors nor are they active in practice. Often such presentations are dry as the speaker is not a trained public speaker.

You don’t charge anything. Nothing is truly free; what’s the catch?
The Doctors’ Speakers Network doesn’t typically charge corporations to present a lecture. The doctors ask for no remuneration. The Doctors’ Speakers Network does promise the doctor that he or she can present an offer to the audience during the last 2 minutes of their presentation whereby anyone interested in learning more about their health may visit the doctor’s office for a no charge consultation. This is on a strictly volunteer basis by the audience members.

How long are the lectures?
The lectures are 1 hour in duration.

When can I hold the lectures (day/time)?
Lectures are typically held during the lunch hour with 12 – 1 pm being the most requested time. The best days seem to be Tuesday through Thursday, but other days and times are possible depending on your company’s needs.

To find out if your company or group qualifies for FREE Health and Wellness Lectures, contact the Doctors’ Speakers Network at (408) 733-1654.



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