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When left untreated, a hiatal hernia can not only cause a great amount of discomfort, but can also lead to long-term health problems. The good news is that this malfunction can be treated and reversed. We have an 85% success rate at treating the hiatal hernia syndrome without the use of surgery or dangerous drugs.

Hiatal Hernia Testimonial

Hiatal Hernia is the reason why

The problem is called a hiatal hernia. “Hiatus” means hole or opening; a “hernia” is when something is protruding through an opening that it shouldn’t. You may have heard of abdominal or inguinal hernias where someone’s intestines are pushing through an opening or tear in their abdominal muscles.

-Dr. Vikki Petersen, Founder

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    What is a Hiatal Hernia?

    The diaphragm is a series of flat muscles that separates the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity and as it contracts and relaxes it is very important in the normal breathing process.

    Food travels from the mouth to the stomach via the esophagus but the esophagus must pass through a hole (hiatus) in the diaphragm. If any portion of the stomach pushes upward through the diaphragm it is a condition called a hiatal hernia.

    Severe cases of hiatal hernia occur where a significant portion of the stomach has moved above the diaphragm, but the vast majority of patients with a hiatal hernia have only a very small portion of the upper part of the stomach that is pushing up through the diaphragm.

    This latter condition can be hard to diagnose as the stomach can move up and down throughout the day so it is not something that can be seen on an x-ray or other medical tests. However, these smaller hiatal hernias can create significant symptoms.

    Symptoms of a hiatal hernia

    The source of symptoms from a hiatal hernia is two-fold. The stomach acids can splash up into the esophagus and create symptoms and the diaphragm can react to the presence of the stomach pushing up against it by going into severe spasm. As a result, some the most common symptoms are the following:

    • Heartburn or acid reflux giving pain or burning in the chest, esophagus, and/or the throat
    • A tight or constricting feeling in the chest especially at the bottom of the sternum • Pain in the stomach or chest after eating
    • Difficulty in swallowing, that seems like food is not going all the way into the stomach
    • Any of the above symptoms getting worse when lying down (because gravity is not holding the stomach down as it would when in a standing position)
    • Difficulty getting a deep breath because of the contraction of the diaphragm
    • Fatigue and excessive yawning due to less oxygen present in the body because of the poor diaphragm function
    • Heart palpitations can occur because of the pressure of the stomach or the diaphragm directly on the heart
    • Anxiety and Heart Flutters

    We specialize in the natural treatment of Hiatal Hernia,

    WITHOUT the use of surgery or drugs

    How is a hiatal hernia treated?

    The most successful treatment for a hiatal hernia is to treat its root cause.

    We must answer these questions:

    What caused the pressure in the stomach and abdomen such that the stomach got pushed up onto or above the diaphragm?

    Why is the diaphragm unable to maintain its normal strength and tone such that it has become elevated or pushed up?


    A trained Functional Medicine doctor approaches the problem by evaluating and treating the cause of increased pressure in the abdomen. The pressure can be caused by:

    • poor diet

    • excessive gas

    • constipation

    • incomplete digestion of foods

    • malabsorption

    • food allergies or sensitivities

    • infections, bacterial or parasitic

    • yeast overgrowth

    • and more

    When present, these factors can be the root cause of the pressure and inflammation that causes a hiatal hernia.

    Hiatal Hernia is frequently undiagnosed or misdiagnosed

    The stomach should be found below the diaphragm. In a hiatal hernia the stomach is elevated and pushing up against the diaphragm or, in more severe cases, the top of the stomach itself, has stretched wide the opening as it has come up above the level of the diaphragm.


    When severe, a hiatal hernia requires surgery to pull the stomach back below the diaphragm and sew up the enlarged opening. Such severity is not common, fortunately. What we most often see with patients is a mild scenario, and therein lies the problem. When severe, no one is going to miss the need for surgery, although outcomes are typically poor, but when the condition is mild, it’s much more difficult to diagnose by conventional methods. And despite its milder intensity as regards the degree of herniation, that negate the intensity of the symptoms the patient feels.  Symptoms are often severe and debilitating for even mild or subclinical hiatal hernias.

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    You can see now why the issue with a hiatal hernia is something which epitomizes what we do with Root Cause Medicine. Not only does it require knowing how to diagnose it despite a negative traditional test, but it also requires understanding the various treatment modalities required to truly fix the problem. It may, and frequently does, involve the teamwork of doctors of chiropractic, physical therapy and nutrition.

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