Internal Medicine

We Help You Reduce Your Drugs and Regain Your Health

What makes our doctor of Internal Medicine so unique? She combines the best of 14 years of traditional training with specialized training through the Institute for Functional Medicine. As part of our multi-disciplinary clinic , she integrates her traditional Internal Medicine background and Functional Medicine, with the result of an over 85% success rate along with a high percentage of cessation or reduction of medications.

Our medical director is also an expert in prolotherapy, PRP, nutrient therapy,  IV therapy, and bio-identical hormones, and utilizes all of these services, as appropriate, for her patients here at Root Cause Medical Clinic. When a patient requires physical therapy or chiropractic care, she also prescribes it, making it unnecessary to find an outside doctor’s prescription for your physical therapy needs.

Why is Root Cause Medicine Important?

When you come to our clinic you are likely seeking our help because you are tired of being given drugs with their attendant dangerous side effects, or you are frustrated with doctors assuring you everything is“fine” despite the fact you don’t feel well. On one hand you are being handed a drug that always has side effects, some life threatening, and on the other hand you are offered no help in solving your symptoms. Obviously neither one is what you want.

What you DO want is someone to tell you WHY you feel the way you do and what can be done to solve it.

Root Cause Medicine does just that. It addresses your symptoms from the viewpoint of “why” your body is creating them, rather than simply managing them with a drug. It’s important to have the “safety net” of an accomplished medical doctor who will ensure you don’t have a serious condition that has perhaps been missed. Once that is accomplished through initial examinations and lab tests, we get to work in earnest to figure out what truly is the root cause of your symptoms.

You also would like a medical doctor who will work with you to reduce medications once the reason you were initially prescribed them is no longer an issue for your health. We don’t just stop medications; we repair the body such that it no longer requires the drugs to function properly. The benefit is not only the removal of a chemical that poses dangerous side effects, but the restoration of function and health to a vital part of your body.

Our team of doctors was created to attend to all your needs during your journey to regain optimal health. Many of the patients who come to us are taking one or more medications. Once their health is improved they often return to their doctor or specialist asking to be weaned off the drug(s). Too often these doctors refuse this request, putting the patient in a difficult and frustrating situation.

It is important to understand that the prescribing doctor doesn’t typically understand why their patient has regained improved health. They have no training in functional medicine nor Root Cause Medicine, and they don’t appreciate how it works. Due to their traditional medical training they can only think the drug has somehow suddenly helped, and therefore don’t want to stop it. They also worry about liability and malpractice and feel they are “safer” leaving the patient on the medication. Fortunately we can solve this problem when it arises, as it so often does, at our clinic.

Our medical doctor is highly trained in medications, their actions, interactions and side effects. Over the course of almost two decades she has safely reduced and removed many hundreds of patients from medications they no longer require. She is also happy to work in concert with your primary physician to attain your health goals.

We welcome you to Root Cause Medical Clinic, where we help the world’s busiest people regain, retain and reclaim their health, energy and resilience.

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