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What are the benefits?

A hydration IV with high dose vitamin Bs added is fantastic for reversing dehydration symptoms quickly. It allows the hydration liquid to more efficiently be absorbed into your tissues directly, thus not overburdening your gut. It assists in detoxification and benefits your cognitive or brain health. You will notice increased energy, decreased pain and a feeling of well-being.

What is it?

Rehydrates your body with fluids and vitamins. Mild dehydration is a common state for many; Americans tend to be poor water drinkers. Traveling to a warmer climate, exercising more intensely, and even taking a long flight can be at the cause of your dehydration. Dehydration can make you feel miserable

Who needs this?

This is for anyone with symptoms of mild or moderate dehydration. Symptoms of dehydration include feeling weak or shaky, a headache or muscle cramps. Your skin can feel dry, your urine will be a darker yellow color, but you may or may not feel thirsty.

As dehydration becomes more serious you can start to feel dizzy, have a rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, feeling faint, irritable or confused.

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