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Drug-free treatment for allergies

“I have been suffering from a runny nose, watery, burning eyes, and severe sneezing for a major part of the year. This resulted in poor work efficiency and poor quality of life. These symptoms got worse whenever I traveled or was engaged in outdoor activities such as hiking, etc.

I had been on drugs to reduce these symptoms for over three years when I heard about your clinic and the drug-free treatment offered here. I have lost weight and become trim.

I have been on a modified diet prescribed by your clinic for about 4 months now and I have just completed your special 2-month supplementation program.  My allergy symptoms reduced rapidly and for the last month, I have been completely free from it. I feel great and highly energetic. My quality of life has improved significantly.

I am currently free of allergies, even under relatively stressful situations such as traveling, outdoor activities, etc. Thank you very much for your wonderful treatment.” – Kate S.

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