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I am overjoyed by my results and incredibly thankful.

“When I started at Root Cause Medical Clinic I had just gotten a medical exam from another company and found out that I had high blood pressure, trouble breathing from an abdominal hernia, high liver enzymes, my back was out and I was completely out of shape. My body was not a happy camper. I have been doing the program for five weeks now. I have lost 12 lbs, I breathe much better, my back feels great and I no longer have high blood pressure.

The employees are all very warm, professional, and competent and the location is clean and minimalistic (my preference). I am overjoyed by my results and incredibly thankful to the staff and the program for locating the BASIC causes of my trouble, handling them, and making it so much fun. Thanks so much to Dr. Vicki and Rick Petersen, Dr. Sterling, Dr. Rupa, Dr. Carlos, and the PT staff and front desk! You guys are awesome!” – Carl S.

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I feel like I have my life back!

I feel like I have my life back!

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