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I sleep without medication and I’m not depressed. I feel great!

“2 years ago I suffered an allergic reaction to a Sulfa drug causing serum sickness. After a month and a half of Prednisone, I developed Shingles. Since then I have had a non-stop episode of Fibromyalgia. I was unable to sleep without awakening multiple times a night due to hip pain. My ankle was stiff and instead of walking, I “stomped”. My hands hurt to bend them and I had swelling in my hands, legs, and feet. Everything hurt. I was depressed, irritable, and always exhausted. And, to top it all off, no matter what diet I tried, I only gained weight.

One Saturday I saw an ad in the paper for Dr. Petersen’s lecture. What could I lose? All my doctors ever did was increase my dose so I would sleep deeper and not feel the pain. I did sleep better but nothing else changed. Since I started the program here I’ve lost 32 pounds. I have no hip, hand, or generalized pain. My ankles bend and I don’t “stomp” when I walk. I can get up and out of a chair easily without hesitation or pain. I sleep without medication and I’m not depressed. I feel great!”

— Amelia O.

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