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I started developing uncomfortable symptoms after eating.

“I’m writing my story in the hope it will help others!

A couple of years ago I started developing uncomfortable symptoms after eating. I would have shortness of breath and slight chest pain and pressure.

I got it checked out by my traditional medical doctor and he concluded it was just acid reflux. After taking acid reflux medicine for a couple of months things only got worse. I had more chest pain, could hardly eat anything without getting short of breath, and feeling very full and bloated (yes, even a salad).

After seeing no results I got a second opinion from a gastroenterologist. They performed an upper endoscopy and told me that I did not have any signs of acid reflux, but I did have a slight hiatal hernia. They told me this hernia was not causing any of my symptoms. They thought I had a “sensitive nerve”  in my esophagus and was suffering from anxiety, so they prescribed me anti-depressants.

I was very skeptical of taking these pills as I have never thought that I was an anxious person at all. After 3-4 months of taking these pills, I started to develop more symptoms in addition to the original ones I had started with. Now I had heart palpitations, dizziness, and numbness in my feet. All these symptoms occurred after eating meals.

One day I ate some fried food and 30 minutes later I had severe shortness of breath, dizziness, chest pain, heart palpitations, and numbness in my limbs. I thought I was having a heart attack. I ended up going to the ER and they did multiple tests. After the tests all came back fine, they said that it was just a panic attack and gave me different anti-depressants to take.

Nothing got better so I started googling and researching and came across Root Cause Medical Clinic’s website. All of the symptoms they described on their website about hiatal hernia syndrome fit me to a “T”, so I decided to give them a call.

My life changed forever!

My health has improved tremendously under their care. They ran multiple tests and figured out that I had an H. pylori infection (bacterial infection in the stomach), vitamin deficiencies, and gluten sensitivity. I had looked into possible gluten intolerance before and tried to eliminate it from my diet but did not know that you had to take certain steps, like the elimination diet, to see real results from eliminating gluten or any other foods.

I got treated for the infection and vitamin deficiencies with supplements and probiotics. They were great at not giving too many supplements as some other doctors tend to do. I only had to take three! I was also put on the elimination diet as I mentioned before.

After about 5 weeks on the elimination diet, I noticed a tremendous difference! My symptoms started to slowly go away and I was able to do more activities again. I developed so much more energy and my mood improved tremendously. I had no idea that gluten and vitamin deficiencies could be causing so much havoc on my body!

My experience at Root Cause Medical Clinic has been amazing. All the doctors have been so helpful and knowledgeable. Unlike traditional doctors, they get to the very root of the issue and do whatever it takes to figure out what is really causing your symptoms, instead of masking them with drugs.

Rachel, the Registered Dietitian, is so incredibly knowledgeable and has an answer to every single question about your diet. She is a walking dictionary for nutrition; I found her to be an incredible resource!!

None of the doctors pushed a bunch of supplements on me and I appreciated it so much.

I would 100% recommend Root Cause Medical Clinic to anyone that I meet. The doctors are way ahead of the game when it comes to medicine. I hope one day that this sort of treatment is common in a doctor’s office.

I so badly want to spread the word of the great things that Root Cause does for people, so people suffering like I was can find great relief as I did. The money and visits are so worth it!

Your health is everything!”

– Martin B.

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