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I was impressed by how they listened to me.

“I have waited more than a year to call it a success story but now a year has come and gone. I will only address the main reason I went to Root Cause Medical Clinic and that was to get control of a rare form of arthritis that I have suffered for over 25 years. I want to mention though that over the course of the year I had several other issues treated and was very satisfied with the outcome of those as well. When I came to Root Cause Medical Clinic my arthritis was out of control. My knees, which swelled to huge proportions when I was afflicted, had needed draining and injecting with cortisone 4 times in that year alone and I had retried with bad side effects a few of the medications that had proven to be moderately successful in the past but I could not tolerate them anymore. In 25 years, I had arthroscopic surgery on my knees 4 times, had my knees drained and injected countless times and I took so many different medications to try to control the swelling, I can not name them all. My traditional doctors were telling me that the next thing to try was immune suppressant drugs used in cancer treatment. I decided to give Root Cause Medical Clinic a try first.

Dr. Rick and Dr. Carrie started me off on the battery of tests and the elimination diet. They gave me all manner of different vitamins and hormones, changing things as indicated by testing and by my response. I was impressed by how they listened to me and believed me. What I had to say about my condition and how I felt I was doing was considered important. We were partners in treating the problem. The most important aspect of this is that by eliminating gluten from my diet and getting my system healthy I have gained control of this almost life-long arthritic condition that plagued me. It does not control me anymore. Whatever your position is on connections between autoimmune conditions and gluten sensitivity, you can not argue with success. This was a very out of control, long-standing problem that traditional medicine could not control adequately. The Root Cause Medical Clinic people worked out a solution for me that does not include me exposing my body to dangerous medications. For that, I am very grateful. I wish all of their patients the success they have helped me attain. I am very appreciative of the caring and patient attitude of this clinic. They truly look for a solution that works for you and they do not stop until it is found.

Thank you, Dr. Rick, Dr. Carrie, and the Root Cause Medical Clinic staff.”

— Larry A.

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