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No more asthma!

“I decided to be evaluated by Root Cause Medical Clinic due to health concerns, mainly involving Asthma and Fatigue. As a 44-year-old female-I wanted to get in better shape as well, but couldn’t seem to make any progress. I was using a Steroid Inhaler twice daily to treat my Asthma. It seemed to help somewhat but again – that was strictly treating the symptom and not identifying the cause of the Asthma.

After my blood sample revealed a low-level infection, Root Cause Medical Clinic suspected a parasite known as Ascaris. This critter lives in the small intestine, but its offspring migrates into the lungs. This causes Asthma! After confirming this critter was in my system – I was treated and CURED. No More Steroids for me! I urge anyone suffering from Asthma to have Root Cause Medical Clinic identify and eliminate what is causing it. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself!”

— Laura O.

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Regained my zest for life!

Regained my zest for life!

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I was impressed by how they listened to me.

I was impressed by how they listened to me.