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Only a Month Later and I Feel Amazing!

“I learned about Root Cause Medical Clinic from a nutritional lecture given by Dr. Petersen at work. When I came to Root Cause Medical Clinic I had a lot of lower back pain. It would take me several seconds to stand up straight because it hurt so much. I also had neck pain with a limited range of motion. Since fatigue was a big part of my life, I also took advantage of the clinical nutrition part of the practice.

A month later I feel really good! My neck does not hurt at all and my back only gets irritated if I sit more than a couple of hours. A big improvement! I have learned a lot about how, when, what, and why to eat. I’m still waiting for the results of my food allergy tests but education alone has changed my habits and well-being. I get through the day with more energy leftover! Thank you to all the doctors who have examined and adjusted me.”

— Lucas F.

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