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Root Cause Medical Clinic has Helped Turn my Life Around!

“I started working with Dr. Rick Petersen in the fall of 2005 after attending a seminar he presented at my company. I had problems sleeping, was very overweight, and suffered from high cholesterol and blood pressure. With a program of lab tests and a specialized diet called the modified elimination diet, Dr. Petersen diagnosed a gluten sensitivity (which I had never known about nor suspected), and bacterial infection, H.Pylori (didn’t know about that one either!), and put me on a program to restore my health. By adopting the weight loss plan that Root Cause Medical Clinic utilizes, I lost 40 lbs. and brought my weight down to an optimal level for my height.

My blood pressure also normalized and my cholesterol dropped 77 points in 9 months without taking any medication. I have more energy than I’ve had in many, many years and I feel like a new person. More than three years after starting the program, I now go rock climbing twice a week, do yoga exercises each week, and everyone I meet exclaims “You look great, have you lost more weight?” My body composition is improving and I have actually started to gain some weight, this time in the form of muscle instead of fat. I have learned to select natural, real foods that are compatible with my nutrition plan, and don’t miss at all the things I no longer eat. In short, the Root Cause Method has helped me turn my life around. Thank you very much.”

— Christopher H.

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Root Cause Medical is giving the gift of health

Root Cause Medical is giving the gift of health

Marked improvement in my diet

Marked improvement in my diet