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They believed in me!

“I have been to dozens of doctors and clinics in my life. No one has cared about me and stuck through with me like the people at Root Cause Medical Clinic. They don’t take no for an answer, they don’t give up, and they really, truly care about you. Not only do I have Celiac Disease, but I also have a deformed jaw, countless allergies, and constant bone pain. I’ve gone into anaphylactic shock 15 times in my life (and I’m only 21). I was terrified and was only eating about 10 different kinds of food. However, Root Cause Medical Clinic was able to get my anaphylaxis under control, find the cause, and help me overcome my fear of food. I haven’t gone into shock for one year, which is the longest I’ve ever gone in my life. As for my deformed jaw, I have had pain for as long as I can remember, and the physical therapists were able to get me to a point where I feel only a fraction of the pain I used to. On top of all that, when not ONE doctor at my old hospital believed I had Celiac Disease, Root Cause Medical Clinic did.

They take the time to listen to you and not only find a way to help you, but they teach you how to help yourself. Root Cause Medical Clinic, you have honestly saved my life, and the words I’m writing now still don’t fully express how grateful I am to you. I would either be long gone or terminally ill without the help I have received. After all my pain, struggle, and hospitalizations, I am finally getting my life back and I am ecstatic! If you want real doctors, real people, and positive change in your life, go to Root Cause Medical Clinic. I couldn’t think of anywhere better. They will truly save your life like they did mine.”

Emily E.

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5 lbs. away from my goal!

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Since receiving treatment, I wake feeling refreshed before the alarm goes off!

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I am naturally cured!