Weight Loss and Root Cause Medicine

In honor of the launch of our new name, Root Cause Medical Clinic, I wanted to take a moment to share the most common complaints for which patients come to see us and what we do that is so effective and different as compared to other clinicians.

Sometimes I forget how truly unique our thought process is until I’m speaking to a patient about their problems and frustrations regarding their health. This was one of the reasons we changed our name; we have always discussed our approach of “getting to the root cause” with our patients, and we have found the concept is not only instantly comprehended for its meaning, but most patients realize they have never been evaluated from that viewpoint before. When they hear how root cause medicine works and experience the thought process as we review through their personal health history, one for one they feel it makes sense. Once they learn of our excellent success rate, they are excited to begin the program.

Close to 70% of our population is overweight, and over one-third is obese. Those who suffer are frequently either looking for the next quick fix, or they have given up ever getting a handle on the problem.

This is unfortunate for a number of reasons.

Obesity increases your risk of:

  • All causes of death
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Injury and pain
  • Infertility
  • Sleep problems
  • Reduced quality of life

We know we really need to get a handle on overweight and obesity, but too often our efforts fail. The “pill” that speeds metabolism does result in weight loss, only to gain it all back again, and more, once you stop using it. Mother Nature doesn’t like it when we artificially alter metabolism.

You can cut calories, carbs, sugar, etc., while increasing exercise, but the self-discipline to continue on in the face of overwhelming hunger and cravings can only continue for so long before the cravings “win”. It truly should not be that difficult. A bit perhaps in the beginning, but it should pass quickly.

I’ll repeat – It should not be a continuing battle against cravings and hunger when you’re on the correct program.
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One hears about making a permanent lifestyle change, but what does that mean? It’s actually what we do here for our patients. It’s not “sexy”. What I mean by that is that it isn’t fast, nor is it dramatic. It’s slow, steady, stable, and effective. That might sound boring, but I can tell you it’s the correct, effective, and healthy way to lose weight. No, you’re not going to lose 30 lb in 30 days, nor should you.

We are honest with you and we won’t sell you on some “dream” that’s unattainable or cannot be retained.

It may interest you to know that most people seeking help to lose weight do not overeat. It’s assumed they do, but many are actually starving themselves, exercising like crazy and still they don’t lose weight! How is this possible? The true root cause of their stubborn weight has not been identified.

One of the biggest points missed with weight loss plans is the actual health status of the individual. Why is their body holding on to weight? It may sound odd but typically the body has a protective response it’s engaged in that results in weight gain along with a refusal to drop that weight.

If you miss identifying the underlying root cause, you’re never going to lose the weight stably and permanently.

So yes, first we need to get the body healthy. Healthy enough that it doesn’t need to have a slow metabolism and hold on to every calorie you eat. We get it healthy enough that it’s safe for it to burn calories, and then it starts to lose the weight!

What are some underlying root causes for weight gain? Here are some examples:

  • Food sensitivities
  • Gut issues in the form of malabsorption or maldigestion
  • Hidden infections – typically found in the gut or mouth
  • Hormonal imbalances – not just sex hormones, but also insulin and/or leptin (satiety hormone) balance, that play a strong role in feeling hunger and suffering cravings.

Did you know many women are deficient in the hormone that prevents sugar cravings?

  • Inflammation, the root of all degenerative disease

Above are some of the examples that can place a heavy body burden on you resulting in weight gain and a refusal to lose weight.

Simply because an individual comes in with weight loss as their number one priority doesn’t mean addressing that first makes sense, nor is it the best thing for the patient. They want to lose weight, yes, but they want it to be stable and they want to feel good and be healthy. As clinicians it’s our job to explain the best route to truly achieve their healthcare goals, even if that means handling digestion issue, inflammation or balancing hormonal expression first.

It is this conversation we have very early on in care, and is one of the major reasons every new patient receives a free initial consultation. We want each and every patient to have an ability to meet with us and understand our approach before they pay for any visits.

We want success for our patients as much as they want to be successful. This is a team approach. We don’t just hand you a pill, far from it. We work diligently together to change diet, lifestyle, repair faulty organ function and more. This doesn’t happen overnight and it won’t occur without help. Therefore we like to ensure you are ready to embark upon the adventure  to regain, retain and reclaim your health with a clear understanding that it will require some work and change on your part. But you’re not alone; we are in this together.

We have discovered that with patient compliance, success is all but assured.

Do you need help with weight loss? Do you know someone who does? If so please share this with them. Contact us here for a FREE consultation or give us a call at 408-733-0400.

We help the world’s busiest people regain, retain and reclaim their health, energy and resilience. We can help you!

To reclaiming your best health,

Dr. Vikki Petersen DC, CCN
Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner
Founder of Root Cause Medical Clinic
Author of “The Gluten Effect”
Author of eBook: “Gluten Intolerance – What You Don’t Know May Be Killing You!”

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