Vitamin B12 Injections

Vitamin B12 Shots Increase Energy and Weight Loss

Vitamin B12 shots offer safe, cost-effective and painless vitamin boosts for those who need this important nutrient to feel better and lose weight.

Are you tired? Overweight? Moody? Toxic? Unfocused?

You’re in good company if you suffer from the above; many Americans feel the same. One cause could be a vitamin B12 deficiency. It’s been widely reported that almost 40 percent of Americans could be B12-deficient, according to the Framingham Offspring Study.Vitamin B12 is required for the proper function and development of the brain, nerves, blood cells, and many other parts of the body.

Benefits of Vitamin B12 Shots

Vitamin B12 injections help you to kick start weight loss, speed up metabolism, decrease stress, and overall, balance your body. They also improve concentration, regulate mood, help with sleep, regulate appetite and assist with detoxification.

How Do Vitamin B12 Shots Work?

Vitamin B12 helps in metabolizing fats and protein which in turns helps you to lose weight. The liver requires vitamin B12 to cleared toxins from the body. Vitamin B12 is needed in the production of red blood cells. Without adequate amounts you can develop anemia and fatigue. To produce the hormone serotonin which stabilizes mood, the body requires B12. Lastly, your nerves are protected with a fatty covering that requires B12 in order to produce.

Other conditions being studied in their relationship to Vitamin B12 include: Alzheimer’s and dementia, breast cancer, heart disease and high cholesterol, male infertility, asthma and Parkinson’s disease.

Clearly, adequate levels of vitamin B12 help in the functioning of many important areas of your body.

Vitamin B12 shots are inexpensive and you don’t need to worry about getting too much. Why? Vitamin B12 is water-soluble -when taken in excess, your body eliminates what it doesn’t need.

Vitamin B12 is frequently used in combination with vitamin B complex – your doctor will recommend if you need vitamin B complex along with B12. We not only offer both here at HealthNOW Medical Center, but in fact we offer a wide array of nutrient injections. See our Boost Bar Menu below:

Root Cause Medical Boost Bar Menu

Root Cause Medical Boost Bar Menu

Here’s What Our Patients Say About Vitamin B12 Shots:

I have done B12 injections in the past. When I heard Root Cause was offering B12, I was estactic! B12 injections give me a sense of well-being and energy without giving me the jitters. I love B12! – R.C.


Since I have been taking B12 injections my energy is much higher. Normally when I go home after work , I am sleepy and just want to lie down . Now, I get home, cook, play with my daughter, clean and still have an amazing level of energy. I also have lost 8 pounds in 1 month since starting the injections!!  – T.P.

Why is it better to receive a shot vs. taking an oral supplement?

The digestive process tends to break down the oral supplement in your stomach, allowing only a small amount of B12 to be absorbed. As you get older the enzymes produced by your body’s to metabolize and absorb B12, along with other vitamins, decreases. Vitamin injections and IV’s provide a direct method of supplying the body with nutrients. Even young people suffering from digestive issues can have compromised absorption. As the B12 enters the blood stream from an injection, it is more readily available for the body to use.

The frequency of injections will be determined by your doctor. A common frequency is once per week and most people find them completely painless.

B12 injections are not only therapeutic, but the boost that a patient receives makes it easier for them to make the diet and lifestyle changes required to get to the root cause of their condition and achieve optimal wellness, our main purpose.

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We offer our vitamin B12 shots for those in San Jose, Mountain View, Cupertino and throughout Silicon Valley and the Bay Area. We are here to help!

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