Medical Grade IV Therapy and Nutrient Injections

Powerful nutrients that address chronic problems and speed healing and recovery


Are you ready to restore optimal function to your body and enjoy an unsurpassed level of health?

IVs and injections are the ideal solution to help you achieve your health goals. Explore your options below:


Hydrate Details

Combat fatigue, reduce muscle pain and soreness, faster workout recovery, improve mental clarity

IV Recommendations


Energize Details

Increased energy, memory, alertness, better sleep, weight loss

IV Recommendations

Injections Recommendations

Immune Booster

Immune Booster Details

Immunity support to protect against illness, reducing the impact of toxins and infectious organisms, replenishing your skin, hair, and nails           

IV Recommendations


Revitalize Details

Immune support, energy boost, decreases cancer risk, decreases stress,  inflammation, and pain, supporting internal rejuvenation and healing

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Antiaging Details

Slows the aging process, Speeds tissue repair and healing, flushes toxins, restores energy, muscle tone, and cognitive function 

IV Recommendations


Detox Details

Flushes toxins, metals, and pathogenic organisms, relieves stress, anxiety, improves concentration and mental sharpness.

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Anti-inflammatory Details

Alleviating inflammation, pain, and discomfort, supporting immune system, decreased risk of degenerative disease.

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Strengthen Details

Includes athletic performance, improves energy level, increases brain function, and burns fat

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Injection and IV Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs IVs?

Patients who benefit from injections and IVs include those with:

  • Special nutritional needs due to their genetics
  • Long-term malabsorption due to poor gut health
  • Toxicity that has overwhelmed your ability to repair, detoxify and absorb
  • Infections that have weakened your immune system’s ability to defend you and kill unwanted organisms
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Excessive stress or unhealthy lifestyle habits
  • Aging – with aging comes decreased ability to digest, absorb, detoxify, and repair.
  • And more

Your need of injections or IVs should not be needed long-term. Once the underlying root cause of your condition has been addressed, oral supplementation is typically all that is required to maintain your regained health.

Specific IVs we frequently use are discussed below. Your doctor may also customize a unique IV not seen below depending on your condition.

How do I know whether I need an IV or an injection?

As you can see there are a wide array of both IVs and injections. Root Cause Medicine is a uniquely sophisticated type of care that takes your entire health history, genetics, lab test findings plus your symptoms all into account and then your clinical team will recommend one or more IVs or injections to assist in your health program.

Why is IV therapy superior to oral supplementation

The ingredients in the IVs you are provided are at therapeutic levels that are impossible to be delivered orally. Either your gut would be unable to absorb it or the nutrient itself would be broken down by your gut and not delivered to the tissues that really need it.

We find IV therapy to be an important adjunct in our customized care programs.

IVs are beneficial in that they can quickly deliver nutrition to the tissues and cells of your body in greater quantities than you can ingest orally.

Even the best oral supplements can be compromised in their efficacy due to poor digestive function or liver malfunction that compromises your ability to absorb them.

While your program is addressing the root cause of your health problem, an IV can quickly jumpstart your body’s ability to absorb critical nutrients, leading to faster healing of your tissues and organs.

Depending on your condition, IV therapy is sometimes the only effective treatment for you. The IV is tailored to your exact nutritional deficiencies with powerful quantities of healing nutrients.

The IVs we utilize at Root Cause Medical are composed of all-natural nutrients, not drugs. Your body effortlessly utilizes these nutrients to begin its healing process.

IV nutrition benefits you in a variety of ways such as boosting your immune system, boosting your energy, fighting acute and chronic infections, toxicity, and more.

How long do IVs take to deliver?

Depending on the type of IV you are receiving, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. IVs are delivered in comfortable reclining chairs and you receive full-time monitoring by the clinical staff. Your initial IV may be slower to get you accustomed to it and then subsequent IVs can be faster.

Patient Success Story of
Victoria M.

I had been suffering with chronic fatigue, nerve pain, weight gain and hair loss. I had no “disease”, but I was unable to live my busy life due to complete exhaustion. A series of custom IVs gave me my life back. The IVs were done as part of an overall program, but without them I am sure my healing would have taken several more months. Thank you to the Doctors at Root Cause Medical.

Patient Success by
Theresa V.

Thank you so much for introducing me to IV therapy. When I started care I was not sleeping and having a lot of hot flashes, which in turn caused me to feel unrested in the morning. 

I've enjoyed meeting new people while getting my IVs. It has made me realize what a valuable tool in my toolbox of health these infusions are. I can say that after about the third IV, I began to have a more restful and deep sleep. This is helping me to have better energy during the day as well. 

Patient Success by
Pam E.

I wanted to let you know how much the UBVI has helped me with my Lyme symptoms.  When I first came to the clinic my brain fog and joint pains were rather debilitating. Now I feel so much better. Honestly, I thought I would never feel good again. Thanks for helping me feel like me again!

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